Envision 2019: A New Year's Eve Celebration!

Day and Time

Tue, 11 December 2018 - Wed, 12 December 2018 07:00PM - 12:30AM
Pre-sales closed


Sadhana NYC Center for Yoga, Ayurveda and Indian Music

315 West 76th Street


New York, New York 10023

Looking for a meaningful way to spend your New Year's Eve? Instead of drinking and partying yourself to oblivion, we can take a much healthier, purposeful AND fun approach to ringing in the New Year!

Join us for a New Year's Eve celebration that is nourishing to the body and inspiring for the mind, heart and soul!

We'll start the evening off with a deluxe Visionary Yoga Session led by Mariko, designed to open the body to the Flow of heightened energy that is available at this time, and to release the physical and emotional blocks lodged in the tissues.

A short New Year's Meditation will follow.

We'll then feast on a healthy delicious vegetarian meal that gets you off to the New Year's on the right foot! There'll be plenty of time to mingle and socialize.


New Year's Visionary Yoga Session & Meditation : 6:30 - 8:30pm
Healthy Vegetarian Dinner 8:45pm
Mingle & Socialize
Envision 2019 Mastermind 9:45pm
Chant, Dance &


Mariko Hirakawa Mariko Hirakawa