Manifest in the Jungle: A Visionary Yoga-Meditation Retreat in New York City!


from $75.00


Sadhana NYC Center for Yoga, Ayurveda and Indian Music

315 West 76th Street


New York, New York 10023

Do you ever wonder what you could do if you can put all that energy you generate through Yoga into manifesting your dreams and goals? Well, that's what this unique one-day retreat is all about!

Join us for a day of deep-dive yoga, meditation, and stimulating conversation about the process of manifesting your future dreams, goals and visions.

This is a program exclusively for those who dare to let imagination take over and think from the realm of Possibility, not from the limitations of conventional thinking!

When two or more people who believe in a higher possibility come together, a Third Brain is created, which has access to thoughts of a Higher Order.

This retreat will be a rare, unique opportunity to combine the power of Yoga, Meditation and the Science of Manifestation and unleash their synergistic power.

Space is EXTREMELY limited, so don’t delay.

Tuition includes delicious Ayurvedic snacks and refreshments!

Seats are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tuition covers:

Deep-dive Fluid Vinyasa Yoga Session
Guided Breathing Pranayama & Meditation
Manifestation Workshop & Discussion
Mastermind Brainstorming
Visualization Processes

Together, we can create a space where manifesting our long-cherished dreams is possible!