Therapeutic Thursdays: Ayurveda Flow Yoga™ and Inner Process Meditation




Sadhana NYC Center for Yoga, Ayurveda and Indian Music

315 West 76th Street


New York, New York 10023

Ayurveda is the language of Nature’s qualities. By understanding the qualities of a thing, you understand its innate nature. In Sanksrit, these qualities are known as gunas.

Ayurvedic Flow Yoga™ is the practice of attuning to the qualities that dominate your physiology and psychology, and learning to modify your yoga practice through knowledge of the doshas, the bio-energies that permeate every cell of our being.

There are several ways asanas and transitional Vinyasa movements can impact the doshas:

- Through the intention of the practitioner

- Through the qualities embodied in the asana or movement

- Through the gaze

- Through the quality of breath while holding the asana or performing the movements

- Through the organs and structures they impact.

- Through the subtle nerve connections created by bandhas and

- And many more ways that we will be uncovering through the semester.