Visionary Yoga Program

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Mon, 19 September 2016 08:00PM - 09:00PM
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This is a program that brings together inspired, spiritual-minded Big-Thinkers together in a Mastermind format with the intention of supporting each other in thinking and acting from possibility instead of limitations.

Do you struggle with taking steady, courageous steps that would really move your big ideas forward? Are you tired of self-sabotage and letting fear get in the way?

Rather than struggle alone, why not open it up to a circle of positive, caring group of inspired thinkers and let them support you to think in ways you that never occurred to you?

Imagine feeling full of energy and having constant healing support at your fingertips!

This Unique Program brings together:

• The timeless teachings of the Yoga Masters on the Principles of Manifesting your Inner Vision.

• Ayurvedic wisdom of how to craft a daily schedule that is in alignment with Universal principles of Health and Well-being

• Power of the Mastermind - The priceless, uplifting and mojo-building power of the company of other growth-seeking individuals with whom you will share a mutually supportive relatioship through meaningful, momentum-building conversations.

The Group Program Includes:

• Private Ayurvedic Consulation with Mariko ($155 value)

• Bi-weekly live Mastermind Sessions with fellow Visionary Manifestors, where you can exchange ideas, hold each other accountable, and support each other in moving toward your Dreams. ($997 value)
Manifest with Yoga Course - A step-by-step inspirational course on how to overcome your doubts, fears, and achieve your dreams faster and more joyfully! ($497 value)

• 10 Day Guided Ayurvedic Detox Program to help you gain more energy and mental clarity to pursue your Dreams ($297 value)

• An In-Person Retreat in New York City Practice Yoga in the intimacy of my Upper West Side home studio, enjoy home-cooked Ayurvedic offerings, and Mastermind with fellow Visionary Yogis! ($75 value)

The VIP VERSION includes:

• Everything that is included in the Group Program PLUS:

• 10 Private One-on-One Yoga Sessions with Mariko ($1550 value)

• Dedicated VIP day where we practice Yoga, Meditation, and indulge you in a deluxe Ayurvedic treatment! We’ll have an intensive one-on-one strategy session to clarify your Big Picture Vision and map out your exact path over the next 6 months. ($3000 value)

• Free Admission to all my live events held in New York City! From awesome Visionary Yoga Raves to my intimate mini-retreats, workshops and classes, you are my truly honored guest in every event! ($500 value)

• $500 off any future 3-8 day retreats From Malaga, Spain to Nosara,Costa Rica to Sedona Arizona, our retreats are always so much more than simply yoga vacations. They offer cultural immersions, fun excursions, and a powerful, unique way to use Yoga as a doorway to transformation in the rest of your life!

This is the perfect program for you if you:

• Love Yoga, and want to use its power to radically transform your life.

• Want to learn the practical, yet profound healing wisdom of Ayurveda to create a Life of Balance.

• Know the power of accountability to keep you moving forward towards your Goals.

• Love meeting new inspired, like-minded people!


Mariko Hirakawa Mariko Hirakawa